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Thin Films, Coatings and Surface Solutions for Medical Devices


Shahram Amini (Staff Scientist, R & D, Johnson Matthey)

Location: 209B

Date: Wednesday, February 7

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

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As medical device manufacturers are pressed to design ever-smaller devices with increasingly long service life, optimizing the performance and profile of each component becomes more crucial. In particular, electrodes used in implants have been a focus for innovation to give next-generation devices a competitive edge. Across applications such as cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and neurostimulation, advances in technology can enable electrodes with better charge injection capacity, thereby improving accuracy and efficacy of treatment – while also extending the device’s battery life. In developing electrodes, the substrate, its surface, and its interface with the electrolytic physiological environment all play important roles in the stimulation process. This presentation will focus on the process development and characterization of coatings that exhibit high electrochemically-active surface areas for implantable stimulation devices. In particular, effect of various electrode surface treatment technologies on microstructural characteristics will be discussed. The results presented in this work demonstrate an unprecedented approach that has facilitated discovery of many unique features in these coatings, and the effect of electrode surface on coating surface and sub-surface features.