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Ajay Padsalgikar, PhDSr. Principal Scientist, Materials TechnologyAbbott

Ajay graduated with a degree in Polymer Engineering from the University of Poona, India in 1990. He then completed a PhD from Clemson University, SC, USA in 1996. In his PhD, he worked on the micro-rheology of polymer blends and their resultant structure formation in the process of fiber spinning. His first work assignment after his education was at the Research & Technology Center in Everberg, Belgium at ICI Polyurethanes. At ICI, Ajay worked mainly on the processing of polyurethanes, thermoplastic as well as thermoset. In 1999, ICI Polyurethanes became Huntsman Polyurethanes. Ajay's work continued in the field of processing of polyurethanes but became more focussed on computer modelling and simulation of the different processes including polyurethane synthesis. In the middle of 2002, Ajay joined AorTech Biomaterials in Scotland from where he was transferred to Australia in late 2002. He served as the Chief Scientific Officer of the company and various projects that he was involved with included polyurethane bulk and solution synthesis, chemical engineering of the synthesis of raw materials for polyurethanes, processing of polyurethanes for medical devices. Ajay joined St Jude Medical in December 2012 as a Senior Principal Scientist and has been involved with material development, application and characterization in the cardiac space. St. Jude Medical was acquired by Abbott in 2017. Ajay has more than 30 published scientific papers and 10 patents. In 2017, a book titled 'Plastics in Medical devices for Cardiovascular Applications' authored by Ajay was published by Elsevier.